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Картинки по запросу financial marketFirst of all, Forex is liberty in all its variety. Forex is a liberty of choice, a liberty in using one’s own mind and in taking own decisions. It’s a liberty for studying, for earnings and for achieving a phenomenal financial success. Forex market is a contemporary profitable business not depending on time, place or political situation in a specific country. One of the main advantages to work on Forex market consists in making all necessary operations on your computer, in whatever part of the world, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, as for binary options, they are active in 24/7 regime.
Still don’t hurry up with conclusions and don’t begin to create positive illusions. According to official statistics, around 90% of beginners come off financial market second-best, and it happens rather quickly. Moreover many of beginners know very well the reasons of their failures. These failures are frequently due to the inefficiency or unwillingness in studying, changing and improving one’s qualities.

Overwhelming majority of beginners-traders come across infinite psychological problems and laziness, unwillingness or inability to trust in oneself.

Fortunately, there are people who succeeded in financial liberty nevertheless all difficulties.
Before you begin to work on Forex market, you should be aware that it’s not possible to born as a professional of the stock exchange, you may become it. Don’t expect that the way from a beginner to a professional will be easy and pleasant. If you want to become a real professional on Forex market, you should constantly perfect yourself, extend your knowledge and consolidate your skills. The main danger of every financial market can be a sudden fall of quotations. The fall of the main index may turn out a crash for the same stock exchange. Actions’ devaluation may bring in its turn, to a failure of entire companies. Forex market functions in a little different way. Forex cannot fall so easily. Even the most drastic collapse of Dollar will mean the proportional rise of another currency, Euro for example. Any currency fall on any scale cannot bring to the total crash of the Forex market. The currencies’ sale will continue under the usual schedule: somebody will get profit, but somebody will bear losses. The currency exchange always was the most stable, and the currency was the most liquid and liable instrument for trade.

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