emerald nightmare mythic

The emerald nightmare mythic first raid, opening on September 20th. There are seven boss encounters, which we have strategy guides for: Nythendra, Elerethe Renferal, Ursoc, Il’gynoth, Dragons of Nightmare, Cenarius, Xavius.

The Emerald Nightmare is a partially non-linear raid. Players must defeat Nythendra first to gain access to the Core of the Nightmare, which holds portals to other Nightmare locations. The raid may attempt the four bosses linked to the Core of the Nightmare — Ursoc, Il’gynoth, Elerethe Renferal, and the Dragons of Nightmare — in any order. Once all four of these bosses are defeated, the raid gains access to the Cenarius encounter. The raid must defeat Cenarius before they can attempt Xavius.

The boss loot table is the same between all difficulties. LFR 835, Normal 850, Heroic 865, Mythic 880. All loot has a chance to proc a higher ilvl, up to a max of ilvl 895. If an item appears up to 10 ilvls above the base, it will be marked as Warforged in the tooltip. If an item procs +15 or higher, it wll be marked as Titanforged.

Emerald Nightmare bosses do not drop Tier 19, but the gear’s appearance resembles Tier loot. There are no weapon drops from Legion bosses as well; but relics drop instead which can be socketed into a weapon for an ilvl gain and specific trait boost.

More information and links to all of our guides can be found in the Emerald Nightmare Guide.
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